Friday, February 27, 2009

Display in Page/Site Map : A Screen View Property

I was investigating a simple issue with my friend yesterday in which the newly created view was not visible under the screen. Sounds very simple right, that you have created a view and we just need to add it under the screen and also under the user's responsibility. Once you do that, the view starts appearing on the UI, but here this was not the case. My friend has also followed the same steps but still not able to see the view on the UI.

To debug this, I also cross-checked that the view was present under the responsibility and properly added under the screen as well. But its a surpise for anyone that still the view is not visible.

Well, let me tell you what I tried and then able to figured it out the root cause.

I created one more copy of the view with a different name and added the new view under the same screen where the original was added. Added it under the user's responsibility as well and compiled the SRF. And as per the expectation, this copied view was visibile on the UI with no issues. That means there was something wrong in the configuration with the original view. I queried for both the view under the Screen in Siebel Tools (Screen View) and compared the various properties and found that "Display in Page" & "Display in Site Map" property was not checked for the original one and this was the reason behind this issue.

Sounds very strange, but not sure how come these both properties was unchecked. And I was able to found out the reason because when I done new record in "Screen View" objects under Screen, to add the copied view under the same screen, "Display in Site" & "Display in Page Map" property get checked by-default. So finally we got the know the reason for the issue.

Sometimes we never know, a simple check box can do wonders in Siebel :)

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  1. Hi,

    I had an issue when i am trying to access the Siebel application on IE6(Windows 2003) , when i logged in the page has been keep on refreshing. earlier it was working fine, no updates has been done on that server(OS level) can some one suggest what i need to check for this issue.

  2. hi , any try and catch method worked out....if the issue is till exists, uninstall ur IE6 or check all the updates recently on your windows 2003,there might be a chance of updates automatically.. if found any new installations, remove all or restore back the settings based on the restore point set. All the best ..!!