Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to Enable a Customized button on an Applet?

Applets (Form applet / List applet) in Siebel are so robust in nature, that apart from using vanilla functionalities, user can also invoke its customized process/functionalities. And the very simple way is to use a Customized button on the applet with the proper caption, so that when user clicks on the button, the respective process gets start.

So, whenever there is a requirement to put a Customized button on any applet, it is required to enable that button so that user can click on it. Siebel provides various ways to enable a button on any applet, today we will talk about all those ways :

a) PreCanInvoke Event Script

b) Named Method n : Applet User Property

c) "EventMethod" methods.

d) "CanInvokeMethod" : Applet User Property (Only used in Siebel 8.0 and above)

All the above listed ways are serving the same purpose i.e. enable a button on applet UI. Lets see in detail, how each one of them works. Lets assume the method being invoked by button click is : "siebelmantratestmethod".

1. First Method - PreCanInvoke Event Script

if (MethodName == "siebelmantratestmethod")


CanInvoke = "True";

return (CancelOperation);


2. Second Method - Named Method n : Applet User Property

Create an applet user property with the following details :

Name : Named Method 1: siebelmantratestmethod

Value : 'INVOKE', 'siebelmantratestmethod'

3. Third Method - "EventMethod" methods

a) No need to create an user property.

b) No need to write script on PreCanInvoke event

c) Just prefix "EventMethod" with the name of the "Method Invoked" (property of the control).

Method Invoked = EventMethodsiebelmantratestmethod

4. Fourth Method - "CanInvokeMethod" applet user property (Only available in Siebel 8.0 and above)

Create an applet user user property with the following details :

Name = CanInvokeMethod: siebelmantratestmethod

Value = TRUE

Points to be noted :

a) PreCanInvoke event script should be avoided as much as we can. The only scenario in which we need to write code in PreCanInvoke event is "Conditional" enabling/disabling of button.

b) EventMethod and NamedMethod are the mostly used ways and recommended ways for enabling the button. I am still not sure what is difference between the two. If you know about this, your comments are most welcome.

c) CanInvokeMethod - applet user property gives us the advantage of conditionally enabling of a button. But only available in Siebel 8.0 and above.



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