Saturday, February 7, 2009

EnableObjectCOCI : Siebel Tools CFG Parameter

One of my colleague wants to check out an Siebel Object in tools but he was not getting the "Check Out Object" option when do a right-click on that particular object. While he was able to check-out any Project successfully via "Menu -> Tools -> Check Out". But the same thing was not happening with my Siebel Tools, I was able to do the both cases : a) able to check-out a separate object and b) able to check-out a complete project as well.

While working in Development team, a developer not always check out a complete project, if requires only a single object. Checking-out a specific/required object is the right approach to work in a Development team, so that multiple developers can check-out the various objects from a single project as well.

Now the question was why the "Check Out Object" option was not coming when right clicked on any of the Object in Siebel Tools?

And here is the resolution for this kind of behaviour :

Actually what happens is, we have a CFG parameter in Siebel Tool's CFG file with name : "EnableObjectCOCI" which should be TRUE if developer is allowed to Check-out an object in Siebel Tools. otherwise this option will not appear at all.

So, we added this parameter with TRUE value under [Siebel] section of Tool's CFG file and restart the Siebel Tools and "Check Out Object" option start visible now when right clicked on any Object (Provided "Enable Object Locking" flag was checked for that particular project).


Following registry also needs to be updated to get this resolved.

For 64 Bit -
For 32 Bit -
  • PacketSize = 0
  • EnableScrollableCursors = 0
  • ColumnsAsChar = 1
  • ColumnSizeAsCharacter = 1



  1. In addition to this, the project should have allow check out object option set to true otherwise you cannot do it.

    and you need to login as sadmin to enable this option for a project

  2. This is a very cool way of doing things, just a question would each developer need to compile an srf file and add it to the server, or what would be the best approach in this regard, when you compile SRF for the server simply means you need to compile on your siebel tools while being logged into the server database, or is there a better way ?

  3. @Anonymous
    Any one developer need to connect to Siebel tools with Server DB and compile the SRF.

    You can also refer to automate the process: