Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mouse Hover Text for Siebel Form Applet's Controls

Again on the demand of our Client, we were able to found one unique feature in Siebel by which you can play with the "Controls" (button, textbox etc) available on any Form Applet. Thanks to Rahul (my colleague), who discover this feature. Once you are aware of this feature and just need to know the basic HTML programming, you can display the control the way you want. Sounds good !!! right??

Actually the requirement was to put a hover text on a TextBox (Account) displayed on Opportunity Form Applet. Let me tell you what a hover text is? It is basically a information about some field, which get displayed in a square box when you place mouse over the field.
OOB no feature is available on Control's property, which we can use to solve the purpose. You might be thinking of using "Prompt-Text String Override" property of control for this purpose, but I believe, this property just display the text in Status Bar when cursor is on the control.

So, for putting hover text on the control, we used "Caption - String Override" property itself. But here is a trick. We need to write the Caption along with the HTML tags, so that when this control get render on the UI with some additional HTML tags, we achieve what we are looking for.

Try this, change the Caption-String Override to :
<_label title="This is sample hover text">Account<_/label>
(Please remove the _(underscore) from the above text and then use. I used this for Account field on Opportunity Form Applet. Compile the SRF and see the magic.)

Some more I tried :

1. <_label style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow">Currency<_/label>

2. <_b><_label style="COLOR: RED">OptyId<_/label><_/b>

So, the bottom line is, the more you know the HTML the more you play with the Caption on form applet.

Give it a try !!!!


  1. Well, I would like to add one more point here that by using this property the hover text comes when you bring the mouse pointer on the label of the control rather then on the control itself.

  2. Can the whole applet background color be changed like this (not the label's background)? Without having to modify the css file?

  3. I don't think this is possible changing Applet color with this technique.

  4. i just want to comment on this topic but my web is not supporting I will come with ful details for this post
    thank you

  5. hai i want post one file to this one plese gaurav. share ur email address with us thank u ,vishnu


    I was tried some thing please share with others

  7. @Vishnu..
    Thankyou for sharing this information with us.

    you can use the below email address for any communication :

  8. Hi guys,

    Is there a way to have a View-Tab be a different color, if there's data-records in that tab?

    e.g. If my Quote has Line-Items, then the Line-Items tab would be green. and if Notes exist, then the Notes tab would be green?

    Has anyone does this?


  9. The tips and guide here just show what flexability there is.
    Question, have you seen any means to set a view tab as a color if there is data in the list below the tab?
    e.g. An attachments tab is colored if there are attachments loaded.

  10. @ Anonymous

    Color of Screen Tabs and View tabs are rendered with the help of .swt files and if we you make change in that it will applicable across the application. I should not recommend doing any change with that but if you really want to play with it, just find the name of template associated with the view and give a try to it. Good luck !!

  11. hi guys,

    I tried with below HTml tags as you specified
    <_label title="This is sample hover text">Account<_/label>
    even i tried with ( _ unserscore), it's simply displaying the "<_label title="This is sample hover text">Account<_/label>
    " instead of label account. let me know how it works for you.

  12. Hi to change the applet background Color, do the changes as below.

    Changes to be done to the following file:….Cleint\WEBTEMP\main.css

    /* The following definitions are for Siebel Internal Use. */
    /* Do not modify or remove. */

    .GridBorder { border : 0px solid #cccccc; background-color : #ffffff; padding-bottom: 4px; padding-right: 4px; }
    .Selected .GridBorder {border-color:#333399;}
    .GridBack {background-color : #EEEEEE;}

    here you can use different color code to change color.

    if youwant to change the color of screen tabs, detail view tabs,controls, read only controls

    you can do th changes in below file


    let me know if any issues.

  13. Hi Anonymous, you need to remove the underscore and use it in Caption-override property of the control. Also could you please let me know all the properties of the control you configured for this, so that I can look why it is not working for you?

  14. Hi Siddu... Thankyou for sharing this information!! I just want to add one more point here is that if you make change in main.css and jctrls.css file, it will be applicable across application.

  15. dear all.
    thank you for this information, it helped me alot :)
    yet i have one single question, i want to change the color of the text field border on eservice.
    cuz when the field is read-only, the border takes the same color of the applet background color, so the text in it appears without any border.
    this will help me alot.
    nevertheless....thanks alot :)

  16. Hey Gaurav,

    I tried changing the background color of New button of an applet using 3 different caption overides.. two abvove stated and one with span style..
    and none works....:((
    Even I tried browser script...that too is not working...Basically my req is to change the New button of all the applets to be green with white font..
    Plz let me know if you have other options...

  17. <_label title="This is sample hover text">Account<_/label>

    Works but how to get it working in a multi lingual environment ??

  18. gurus,
    How can i make the form applet change color based on a field value dynamically?


  19. This helped us a lot. Thanks.


  20. hi,

    How do I have a custom text when you hover over for a mini button say moveUp button?
    Would appreciate your input.