Friday, March 13, 2009

How to get an Siebel Object Manager Log for Dedicated Client or Tools?

Keeping a track of what we are doing help us in debugging in any kind of issue, if we get one.

Every action we do in Siebel can be tracked via log file that gets generated by the system and contains details of each step that we have performed on the UI. Also sometimes when we open any SR with Siebel support web for some issue, it always asked to provide the Siebel object manager log, so that Siebel Expert Services can look into the log file and figure out what was happening in the background.

Here are simple steps to get the Siebel Object Manager Log generated in the local machine, when we are connected to dedicated client.

1. Right Click on "My Computer" and select Properties.
2. Select the Advanced tab and open the Environmental Variables window.
3. Under User Variables section, create two Environmental Variables as per following :
a) Variable = SIEBEL_LOG_DIR, Value = C:\LOG
b) Variable = SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS, Value = ALL
4. Click on Ok
5. Create a Folder with name "LOG" in "C" drive. This is the folder, where all the logs gets generated.
6. Done.

Just restart the Siebel Dedicated client and you will see a "Siebel.log" gets created under C:\LOG folder, which will give you all the details what is happening in the background.

So Siebel is smart enough to keep an eye what you are doing and we can just refer the log file in case anything goes wrong.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to unjar a .jar file ?

Once you have just read the subject line of this post, you must be wondering how come this information is related to Siebel at all. :-)

Yes, you are right, this post is not at all related to Siebel, but recently I came across a trick (may be you already know it) by which we can unjar a .jar file. I thought of sharing it with you.

If you have JDK installed on your machine, you can easily do it with the command :
jar -xvf <_filename.jar>

but, since I was not using jdk on my machine, here is the trick I used :

1. Change the .jar extension of the file to .zip
2. Use the WinZip to unzip the file.
3. Done

WinZip understands the jar data, I never knew it. Try it out !!!