Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to unjar a .jar file ?

Once you have just read the subject line of this post, you must be wondering how come this information is related to Siebel at all. :-)

Yes, you are right, this post is not at all related to Siebel, but recently I came across a trick (may be you already know it) by which we can unjar a .jar file. I thought of sharing it with you.

If you have JDK installed on your machine, you can easily do it with the command :
jar -xvf <_filename.jar>

but, since I was not using jdk on my machine, here is the trick I used :

1. Change the .jar extension of the file to .zip
2. Use the WinZip to unzip the file.
3. Done

WinZip understands the jar data, I never knew it. Try it out !!!



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  2. I don't think copy pasting the complete folder gonna work. You need a fresh installation.

  3. what is the use of unjarring the files ?

  4. If you have winrar installed, right click on the file and extract.No need to rename the file.


  5. where to write the command??

  6. Great Idea... Its working!!!!

  7. that wont give you access to the actual java source code, you'll end up with some class files.