Saturday, January 3, 2009

License Keys in Sample Database

Here is one of the trick that I just tried with Siebel Sample Database and looks good to me.

When I open the Siebel Dedicated Client with the Sample Database, I was not able to some of the Product Configurator views under "Administration-Product" screen. I went back to check for the Views/Responsibilities assigned to me and found all the views were there under my responsibility. So the problem was somewhere else.

Later I found that, "If some of the License Keys are missing in the database, then it might happen that the associated views to it will not be visible in the application". I found the license keys which was required to make the views related to "Product Configurator", from "".
Now I just need to enter these license keys, so I navigated to "Administration-Application -> License Keys" view and got surprised as everything was read only and system was not allowing me enter any more license keys.

Now, this is really fuzzy situation that I am having the license keys but not able to enter it into the system. After lots of head-scratching, I found one way by which we can do that.

What you need to do is, just change the "ConnectString" parameter in Siebel.cfg file to point to the Sample Database and try connect to the Local database (which is now actually pointing to the Sample Database) via dedicated now.

TA DA..... you will the License keys applet is now editable. You can enter whatever license keys you want.

ENjoy !!!!!!


  1. I have query that how can we enter the licence keys please tell me in sample application
    if i enter in to the tools the webclient doesnot work and if i enter into webclient then siebel tools does not work

  2. @Anonymous: This post is for entering the license keys in Sample application only. The only trick I have mentioned is to connect to local and change the Local to point to Sample Database. Please try it again !!!

  3. One more trick to enter the license Key is :
    1. Open Siebel Tools
    2. Now Keep pressing the Shift Key.
    3. Open Help Menu -> Technical Support.
    4. Click on "License Keys"

    and enter the license keys as per your requirement

  4. As soon as you enter username and password and connect to Sample, keep pressing Shift key.
    Now, the License Key Field in Technical Support would be editable.

  5. Thanks Ambika ... I didn't tried that before and yes it is working abs fine.