Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Story of a Dynamic Drilldown Issue

Don't worry I am not going to narrate any story out here like there was a king who's name was "drilldown" and there was a queen :) . There is really a nice and hidden fact that people rarely know when they are configuring Dynamic Drilldown in an applet. I came across this fact when we got stuck in one of the Production issue which was being faced by only one user and for rest of the users that dynamic drilldown was working fine.

So, the story goes this way : In our Siebel application, we had configure a dynamic drilldown on field "Opportunity Name" which exist on list applet "Quote List Applet" in My Quotes View. The drilldown was dynamic in nature as depending upon the "Business Type" of Opportunity, system can drilldowns to various views. For Eg:

Business Type ================= View to drilldown ===========
Manufacturing =================== Opportunity View - Manufacturing
Retailing ======================= Opportunity View - Retailing
Production ===================== Opportunity View - Production
Service ======================== Opportunity View - Services

and in-case no business type has been defined for an Opportunity, then system should drilldowns to "All Opportunities View" view. That means "All Opportunities View" was the default view for this dynamic drilldown.

Now, the issue faced by the user in Production env was, whenever he tries to drilldown on "Opportunity Name" field in "Quote List Applet", he was getting the error "You don't have priviledge to see this record" and seeing this error he got shocked as the record he wanted to see was created by him only. He can very well see that Opportunity record in "My Opportunities" view with no issues. But the only thing that was not working is the drilldown.

Now, after getting this issue, the first thing that will come into the mind is : "just go and check if "Opportunity View - Retailing" view" is available under user's responsibility or not and when we checked, we found it was there. We took a deeper dive and checked the drilldown for the same user for Business Type = "Manufacturing" (already confirmed "Opportunty View - Manufacturing" view was there under the responsibility), but again the same error "You don't have priviledge to see this record"........ So, no matter what the "Business Type" is, he was not able to drilldown on any of the Opportunities.
After lot much of head-scratching, we observed that there was a difference between the number of views available under the responsibility for the user who was able to do the drilldown and which one not. The difference was : "the default view of the dynamic drilldown was not available under the responsibility of the user". Somehow it got deleted or something, not sure how it was happened, but there on we come to know this basic learning while implementing dynamic drilldown, i.e.
"Don't forget to include the default view of the dynamic drilldown under the user's responsibility, otherwise it will not work".
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  1. This is a nice info. Thanks.

  2. Thanks much Gaurav for sharing this. was great to go through your blog..keep it up :)

  3. Hi,

    When me drilldown on the field name(Campaign name), it has dynamic drilldown , dynamic drilldown is working fine but its not navgating to selected campaign name record but its navigating to some other campaign name record

    what may be the issue? please advise


    1. Check your source and destination field, It should be specified.