Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to do "Generate Triggers" for new WF Policy to work?

"Generate Triggers", this is one of the step that one needs to perform whenever he created a new WF Policy and wants it to work as per the conditions specified for the policy.

Here is the process to do that :

1. Navigate to "Administration - Server Management -> Jobs" view and click on New.

2. Put the Component/Job = "Generate Triggers"

3. Now, in the Job Parameters applet, you need to provide the following four parameters :

b) Remove : FALSE
c) Privileged User : "Database Table Owner Name"
d) Privileged User Password : "Table Owner Password"

4. Click on Start.

5. After few seconds, refresh the view (by clicking on "Execute Query" button), you will see Execution Server will get assigned to the request and Status changes to "Active".

6. After few minutes, again refresh the record and once the trigger gets generated, Status changes to "Success".


  1. Hai Gaurav iam recently installed siebel77 in my computer so is it necessary populate the local database before performing eim. because my eim job is not working . please guide me

  2. Could you please let me know the steps, what exactly you have tried?