Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dynamic PickList as a DropDown

Sounds interesting !!! isn't it?

Let me agree that my Client is really smart in using the Siebel application in its own style. Well, he is actually dealing with the end users, who are using the application, so must be knowing what user wants. So, he (our Client) asked us to change the PickApplet into a dropdown which is available on "Template Name" field on "Sales Assessment List Applet" exposed on "Opportunity Assessment View".

First I thought, why he wants to change it at all?? But he was having the valid point in saying that "
my users don't like opening the pick applet for selecting the assessment template name, when there is only 10-15 sales assessment templates are available in the application. So please make it visible like we have for static picklists."

hhhmm...... well, now I need to explore the possibility to achieve this. The requirement sounds bit tricky in the sense that for Dynamic PickLists, I always configured the PickApplet as well. So, to convert it into the dropdown is something new for me.

We already know that Static PickLists are displayed as dropdown, one might think of a solution to create a new List of Values with the same name as of Sales Assessment Templates and create a static picklist and use it for Template Name field. Also let the pickmap fire accordingly as per the previous configuration. But this is just a temporary solution, what if in future new Sales Assessment get added into the application, then every time we need to make a updation in List of Values as well.

So, lets do something interesting. Here is below what I tried :
1. Remove the PickApplet from "Template Name" field, available on Sales Assessment List Applet.
2. Keep the Read Only property set to TRUE.
3. Now check for the following property on the dynamic picklist (Sales Assessment Template Pick List) used :
a) Long List = FALSE
b) No Insert = TRUE

That's it. Compile the SRF with all the configuration changes mentioned above and observe the difference.

Try it out !!!!!


  1. Hey its very interesting i will read it once again how u achieved this possibility any way congrats

  2. @Anonymous : Sure and let us know your valuable feedback !!!! Keep commenting !!!

  3. Great job man Keep up the good work :) helped me.

  4. Are the values getting saved after you select the value??

  5. @ Anonymous

    Yes. Values get saved.... give it a try !

  6. What about the field map, do you inactivate it?

  7. @ Anonymous, Pickmap remains as-is. No change in that.

  8. Nice article, i never thought Dynamic Unbounded picklist is not possible.

  9. Hello Gaurav,

    First of all thanks for the nice Article !!
    I have a question, Will this configuration work in Query Mode?
    Will user be able to select/choose a value in Query mode as drop-down?

    Thanks for the help.

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    Yes, it will work in Query Mode as well!


  11. Set Static = TRUE on picklist object definition for drop down to appear

  12. its worked perfectly but i have one issue,
    values in the drop-down are not updating immediately, suppose i have X BC which have a field with Name and values a,b and c. Y BC which is Dynamic Drop-down shows correctly. When i delete a record or Add a record in X BC..its not updating in Dynamic drop-down.

    Please let me know if you any solution for this issue.

  13. you are from my project i guess... were you in xerox birlasoft

    1. Yes, may I know your name please?

    2. You might not know me as i joined after you 2013
      but being in prod support i go through your imprints in codes and webservices :)
      u n neel sir make us proud :)

  14. It worked perfectly except for the step 2: "2. Keep the Read Only property set to TRUE."
    Thanks for sharing!