Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SBL-DCK-00163: Error loading dictionary

Sometimes it happens that you try connecting to Siebel dedicated client and system pops up the error message that "User Id or Password is not correct.".
There could be many reasons behind this error, but the root cause you will only get to know if open object manager log file. Today, when I was trying opening the dedicated client, got the same error and when I checked into the Siebel Object Manager log, found an error statement which says : "SBL-DCK-00163: Error loading dictionary".

This error comes when there is something wrong with the diccache.dat file, which stored in "Bin" directory. Actually this the dictionary file which contains information about tables, columns, indexes etc and internally used by the server programs for performance enhancements.

So, coming back to the resolution of the error, to get rid of this error you just need to delete the "diccache.dat" from "Bin" folder and try open the dedicated client again.

System will generate the fresh file again with the latest information from the server and it will work fine.


  1. This did not work for me. However I added a line to the CFG file and it worked.
    UseDictionaryInTransactionLogging = FALSE

  2. Hi Anonymous.. thankyou for sharing the information. This parameter will definitely work because it will stop creation of diccache.dat file from server once you open the dedicated client and its side effect would be, dedicated client will not be able to do remote sync properly.

    1. hi,can u please tell me where to add UseDictionaryInTransactionLogging = FALSE parameter i.e. which cfg wheather client or tools

  3. Hi Anonymous

    Thanks a lot for the info!! I ve been searching for this solution for half a day and your suggestion works out..
    Great job :)


  4. Excelent, I was looking for these answer all day. I´m going to try then I let you know.


  5. Hi ,

    thanks for the solution I was having problems with my local since long and now its resolved due to this parameter.


  6. Thanks for the solution, I was going nuts. Not only this resolved the problem and it even made the thick client to load faster.