Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Automatic Trailing WildCards : A CFG Parameter

If you do a Query in any View of Siebel application and you observe some performance issue in getting the query result set, then "AutomaticTrailingWildCards" parameter is one of the culprit, which is available in Siebel.CFG under [SWE] section.

What it does
Lets say you want to query on "Name" field of Opportunity List Applet with value "siebelmantra", then system will fetch Opportunities with name like siebelmantra, siebelmantra1, siebelmantra Oppty, etc etc. That means it automatically suffix a "*" (asterick wild card character) after the string being queried. To confirm this, press "Alt + r" (Refine Query), you will see "siebelmantra*" was being queried in Name field, though you never mentioned "*" while querying. This is the effect due to the TRUE value of "AutomaticTrailingWildCards" parameter.

Open Siebel.cfg file and search for "AutomaticTrailingWildCards" parameter under [SWE] section and set its value to "FALSE". Restart the Siebel Servers and observe the difference by again querying on the UI.


  1. Pretty helpful. Thanks for the tip. May be you can just add that this parameter is set to "TRUE" by default and if that is the case, it will not appear in "Siebel.cfg".


  2. hai gaurav but its not appear in the siebel cfg how can we approach.

  3. But i know that in buscomponent user prop disable automatic trailing wildcards is set to be false. this works.

  4. please if you want to alter the answer where we find such parameter give me a reply. and any way thanks in advance . I want to know that situations which we face in real time. solutions may come soon but sometimes not but not can't. we do every thing . thank you

  5. Hey i want to post one requirement
    My Client want to display the No industries associated to Account. so that we approached in this way

    that so there is MVL between the account and industry so i was created calculated field with

    name value
    No of industries count("Industry")

  6. @ Vishnu : your requirement is not clear. Please send an email to and I will try to create a post for your requirement.

  7. Couple of changes..
    1. If the value doesnot exist in the corresponding file,
    i.e. Siebel Financial Services - fins.cfg
    create this parameter in the SWE section as mentioned by SiebelMantra
    2. Do not need to restart the server, restart the corresponding object manager in the Administration-Server Management-> Components section.. look for the corresponding Obj Mgr and restart. This should take effect immdediately, if not relaunch ur thin client.