Friday, May 29, 2009

Component/Job not visible in Server Administration applet

Today we got the new Siebel 8.1 Env to work on, being set-up by our Admin team. Everything is new because the fresh implementation has just kicked-off and the new team of developers required to get their Database Extract.

So, as per the normal process, I went to "Administration - Server Management -> Jobs" view to start a job for "Generate New Database". I clicked on "New" and tried opening the "Pick Applet" which is available on "Component/Job" field on the Jobs applet and got suprise to see that no "Component" was available in the pick applet.

hmmm.... first thing came into my mind was : "Any component is running on this Siebel Server?". Well to check it, I went to "Administration - Server Configuration -> Enterprises -> Component Groups", queried for "Siebel Remote" and found that all the components was enable on the Siebel Server. So no issues from components side.

After some of the discussion I came to know about the issue and let me know how I resolved it. I went to "Component Definitions" view and clicked on "Synchronize" button. It sometime for the hour-glass to go-off and then I again tried created a job for "Generate New Database" and all the components are now displaying in the pick applet.

Advice for "Admin People", please click on synchronize button after setting up the new Siebel Env :)


  1. hai I know this scenerio when newly installed machine i tried work with eim then that component picklist of is not working then you have to synchronize this one, anyway this is very useful solution but mention tag for this as server component picklist is not working all users search with this .
    thankyou gaurav

  2. Words are not enough to praise you man i really wonder what i gained knowledge in your company....Really your wonderful guidence i got the job again.. I really greatful to you.I learned everything from your company.You use simple language so readers can understood easiely. Anyway,thanks GauravGupta..
    please send me reply to
    I really like people like you who share the knowledge. sincerely thanks again

  3. Thank you!!! I was goin' crazy trying to figure out why weren't the components being listed... greetings from Portugal!

  4. Good work, keep itup,,,,,
    saved lot of debugging time :) for this issue

  5. Hey Mate,

    This is really usefull. After the fresh install of 8.1 yesterday, I was not able to figure out why this is hapenning. This was not observed in 7.8.

  6. This is really works.I faced same problem after lots of browsing I found this site.