Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Debugging Siebel Workflow Process at Runtime

Sometimes it happens that you perform some operation, which needs to trigger a workflow process (synchronous / asynchronous) and you realised that it has not performed as per the expectation and want to see what exactly it has done. Workflow is a collection of some steps which gets executed sequentially, so you might need to track what it has done in each step and in which step some problem has occured.

Siebel provides a way to debug a already deployed workflow at the runtime and its very easy as you can do it in web client itself. What you need to do is :
1. Navigate to "Administration-Business Process -> Workflow Deployment -> Active Workflow Processes" view.
2. Query for the Workflow Process in the bottom applet.
3. Change the "Monitoring - Level" for the workflow process to "4 - Debug".
4. Now go and perform the same action again which will trigger this workflow.
5. If it again errored out or not performed as per the expectation and you want to track it execution step by step, navigate to : "Administration-Business Process -> Workflow Instance Monitor" view.
6. Query for the Workflow Process in upper applet. System will show all the instances executed for that workflow in the bottom applet. Sort the instances via "Start Date" descending.
7. Navigate to "Step Instances" view.
8. Now you can see, what all process properties were in each step of the workflow and make out what went wrong.
Isn't easy to have any workflow running in Debug mode at the runtime?

Hope this helps.


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