Saturday, May 9, 2009

Debugging Email Issue : Mail Profile Parameter

One of my friend called me up this morning and said somehow emails stop working in Production Env. And when I asked about the issue in detail, he told me that any of the email via Workflow Policy is not going, he tried lot many times but none of the user has received any of the email but if use F9 functionality, email was firing properly.

hmmmmm !!! Okayy... not a problem, lets start the debugging and lets see where exactly the issue exist.

1. Since F9 functionality is working that means Siebel Server is successfully creating an SMTP request using the Communication Profile (that we generally used in Production Env).

2. Do some operation, so that Workflow Policy gets trigger.

3. Checked whether policy gets trigger or not, using the below SQL statement :

select * from s_escl_req
where rule_id = "Policy Row Id"

record was existing in the table and checked the BT_ROW_ID column has the rowid of the record for which policy triggered.

4. Lets wait for 1 min, (generally 1 min is the sleeping time of all monitor agents) and lets see whether it is getting processed by monitor agent or not.

5. Yes, after around 1 min, the record gets deleted from S_ESCL_REQ and a new record gets created in S_APSRVR_REQ table for sending an email to the user with status "Queued".

6. Uptill now everything seems working fine and now Email Manager should pick this request from S_APSRVR_REQ table and should send an email. Lets wait for 1 min more.

7. Ooops... record is still existing in S_APSRVR_REQ table with the status "Queued". That means Email Manager has some issue and it is not picking the request from this table. Okayy.. now lets see what Mr. Email Manager is doing right now [may be on vacation :) ]

8. Navigate to "Administration -> Server Management -> Enterprises". Query for "Email Manager" and found that it was there and the status was online. It seems working, drilldown on it and navigated to "Tasks" view and no error log was being generated for it. But since it is running then it should process the record in S_APSRVR_REQ table. And one more point is we are successfully sending emails via F9 functionality.

9. Okayy, now lets check which email communication profile this "Email Manager" is using.

10. Navigate to "Administration - Server Configuration -> Enterprises -> Component Definitions". Query for "Email Manager". Query for "Mail Profile" under Parameters list.

11. And yes, we found something strange. "Profile Name" was somehow blank. Don't know the reason but since it is not having Communication Profile mentioned to process the request, it is not doing its job perfectly.

12. Put the same communication profile name which we were using for F9 functionality. Restart the Siebel Server and found all emails which got stuck in "Queued" status in S_APSRVR_REQ table, has successfully processed and has the status "Success" now.

So finally, issue get resolved.


  1. Thanks gaurav but in day to day implementation in scripting or workflows...please publish we can learn easily please post some workflows so i can learn more from you.. thank you.. vishn

  2. Siebel Document say "By default, email messages are recorded in your database as activities or service requests.". Do you know what SQL query or What link path (in Siebel administration-> )to get the activities or service requests of saved email?

  3. Hi Anonymous,
    If you are working on a Service Request and you send an email mesage via F9, then an activity record get automatically created. This is Siebel OOB feature. To see the activity, navigate to Service Requet List -> Activities view and you will see the activity record with Type = Email - Outbound and with some extra information:
    Description = Subject of Email
    Comments = Email Body
    and if you drilldown on the acitivity type, then system will take you to "Activities -> Attachments" view, there you will see all the attachments that you send along email via F9.

    Hope this helps !


    1. Hi Gaurav,

      My Siebel Email functionality stops working and unable to send recipients.Though SMTP server is configured, email profiles are created properly and Email outbound activity is created but still shows queued status.Please help.

  4. hi,
    We are facing a problem. While we sent a email (in chinese), a blank email is going instead of chinese words.
    Can you please reply on this?