Saturday, May 2, 2009

Siebel CFG Parameter : AutoStopDB

Everytime I close the Siebel Tools, I wonder that the Siebel Anywhere database engine (dbeng.exe) keep running in the Task Manager and sometimes it happens that it keeps consuming lot much of system memory, so I use to go to Task Manager and kill the process.

But again the question is, when I don't want to keep the Siebel Tools running anymore, why Database Engine keeps running?

So, here is the answer :
Siebel provides a CFG parameter (both in Client's and Tools's CFG file) under [Local] / [Sample] Section, name is "AutoStopDB" with the default value as "FALSE".
The "False" value of the parameter signifies that the Siebel Anywhere DB engine keeps running if you close the Client / Tools instance. As per the recommendation it should be "FALSE", in case you mostly connect to the same Database via Client and Tools, so that next you open the new instance of Client or Tools, system should not take time to connect to the database again.

So, depending upon the requirement, you can make it TRUE or FALSE. I change it to TRUE, coz I always use to connect to Local DB via Siebel Tools and to Server via Client.

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