Thursday, June 18, 2009

Error while Siebel Local Database Initialization

Today, I tried intializing the Siebel local database for my Siebel Tools, but everytime getting the error :

Cannot open connection to <_siebelserverhostname>::5047. The Synch Manager component on the server is most likely unavailable.
The connection was refused by server . No component is listening on port 5047.

It seems to happen due to the following reason :

a) Either "Synchronization Manager" component is not running.
b) Siebel Tool's CFG file doesn't contain the correct Sync Port Number.

Alright, lets check it out where the problem lies.

Go to "Administration - Server Management -> Enterprises" and select the Siebel Server on which "Synchronization Manager" component is enabled. And I found that the component was running fine.

Now the next step is to check for the Sync Port Number. As it is already mentioned in the error that there is no listener on port 5047, that means Siebel Tool's CFG is requesting on port 5047 for synchronization. To confirm whether it is correct or not, follow the below steps :

a) Go to "Administration - Server Configuration -> Enterprises -> Component Definitions" view and query for "Synchronization Manager" component.

b) Under the Component Parameters applet, query for "Static Port Number" and check for the value.

To my surprise, I found that the port number was 5048. I think I got the resolution of the problem.

To correct the sync port number in Siebel Tool's CFG, go to "[Local]" section in the CFG and change the value for "DockConnString" parameter with the updated sync port number.

Old Parameter
DockConnString = <_siebelserverhostname>::5047

New Parameter
DockConnString = <_siebelserverhostname>::5048

Again tried initializing the local database and everything worked fine.

Hope this helps !!


  1. I had faced same problem. Ur resolution solved the problem. keep up the good work...

  2. Apostolos GiannakidisOctober 6, 2011 at 6:31 AM

    Perfect!! You saved the day! :)

  3. Perfect. This is very helpful. The only thing is in my case, on the server the paramet Static Port Number was set to 0. So, for me the Dock Conn String had to be set as DockConnString = <_siebelserverhostname>.

    It worked!!

  4. Hi, thanks for the post, it helped me get closer to my issue resolution.
    In our case, from Admin screen the port no showed 0 but then I checked the server log when the server was started where in it listed what is listening on what port no. I put the port no from log file in Tools.cfg and it worked..

  5. Thanks for the tip!! it was really helpful and it worked just fine at once!!

  6. Good Post....worked for me

  7. Good Post. Thanks.

  8. Good post has taken me to next level of error :):)