Monday, June 22, 2009

Full Compilation of Vanilla Respository Errors out

Sound strange, isn't it !!!

If I would say that I have just done the new Local Database Extract from fresh Vanilla Repository being setup for the new Env, and its full compilation is erroring out, nobody will agree to this. I am using Siebel 8.1 version.

To replicate it, follow the steps :

1. Create a job for "Database Extract" with the following parameters :
Client Name = LoginName
Extract all Repository Tables = TRUE

2. Re-initialize the Local Database.
a) Rename "sse_data.dbf" file in <_toolsdir>/Local folder to some another name.
b) Connect to Siebel Tools and click "Yes", when asked for initializing new database.

3. Do a Full Compile.

The error I got was :
Script compilation failed at line 25 in procedure 'Execute':
Syntax error at Line 25 position 1:Expected '}'
Let me tell you the possible reason for this. If you have observed the parameter name : "Extract all Repository Tables " has been set to TRUE while database extract, what it does is, loads the local respository file (sse_data.dbf) with all the repository contents and saves the developer time as he doesn't require to do a "Full Get" once database get initialized. I used to use this parameter often but seems like due to this parameter some junk script is getting extracted into the local database due to which Full Compilation is failing.

So, I just changed its value to "False", extracted the database and then initialized the new database and done a Full Get. After that I tried Full Compilation again. Everthing worked fine now.

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  1. this is a known behaviour. Developer is required to do get once before starting development.