Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vanilla Views not visible in Local Dedicated Client

One of my colleague got his new Local database extracted and when he tried connecting to the Local Database via dedicated client, found that lot many views are not visible on the UI. Just to double check, he also confirmed from one another colleague who also got his new database and same problem was there with his dedciated client as well.

Now few more things I asked him to confirm :

1. Connect to Thin-Client and check whether the views are visible : Yes, views are visible in the thin-client.

2. Connect to Server Database via dedicated client and check whether the views are visible. Yes, views are visible via Server dedicated client.

This problem occurs when : "User is possessing any one of the responsibility associated with the view and having "Local Access" flag unchecked."

Solution :
Being a developer, you should have access to all the views, so better to have visibility for all the views instead of findings specific views which are not visible and fixing those.

1. Open "DBISQLC.exe" and connect to the Local Database.
2. Run the following command :
a) update siebel.S_APP_VIEW_RESP

b) Commit

3. Restart the dedicated session and you should see all the views on the UI.

Hope this helps.



  1. Hai Gaurav iam very happy that you have provided me new posts but i have one doubt in Eim
    that when a new custom table "stand alone "is created in the database so how we can update this
    that is can we create new Eim tabel for this or siebel is provided new tables for this please reply me soon

  2. Vishnu, this is something not recommended to do ourselves and need the Siebel Expert services engaged for this kind of task. You cannot create new "Base Tables", the new table you can create always starts with "CX_". Also you cannot create new "EIM" tables.