Saturday, April 4, 2009

Extending Tables / Columns in Siebel Local Database

I have started working on new Env these days and due to slow connectivity to the remote database server, I generally connect to my Local Database to see the changes in SRF via dedicated client.

Now while working on one of the requirement I was required to extend one column in Table in local database. So since it was my local database, extratced with my User Credentials, I went into the Siebel Tools -> Tables and here is what I tried :

1. Query for Table.
2. Create the New Column with all the datatype and length details.
3. Clicked on Apply and as used ODBC source : "SSD Local Db default instance". This is the ODBC data source that I have mentioned in Tools CFG to connect to my local Database.
4. Since its my local database, put in Database User : "", Database User Password : "".
5. Clicked on "Apply".

Got surprised to see that, it gave "Permission Denied" error. I was like, "its my database, my tools, in my machine and the same ODBC data source, still its not working......." hmmmmmm

Started looking into the options and workaround, then realized you can only change the Database Schema if you are logging with the Table Owner credentials. And the Table owner of any local database extracted is "Siebel". Soooooo, just tried again applying the table with the same above process, the only parameter I changed was : "Database User = SIEBEL". and yes it WORKED !!!!!

P.S. : The similar process is applicable for Sample Database as well. Database User : "SIEBEL", Database User Password = "SADMIN".


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