Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scheduling Automatic Export in Siebel

List applets provide the OOB export functionality which is very useful sometimes when Managers want to do some analysis depending on various combinations and permutations on the live data very quickly. But if you need to do the same task on the daily basis, you will think, can't I get the export automatically from Siebel via email instead of I go to the list applet and take the export. The same happened with my client too. He want to automate this export process that he generally does on the daily basis from All Service Requests List Applet.

Lets see how this is achievable :

On the very high level, the solution is to :
  1. Create a Workflow which can take the Export and send it in an email to the user.
  2. Create a RCR (Repeating Component Request) which will get executed on the daily basis and run a workflow.

Workflow Creation:

Here below are major steps that used in Workflow to acheive the solution.

  • Query Service Request
    Business Service Name = Import/Export
    Business Service Method = Export
    Input arguments for this step are as follows :

    ==> FileName : "<_filename.xls>" (for eg: /temp/export.xls). Please make sure you should provide the extension as .xls

    ==> FileType: XML

    ==> IntObjectName : Service Request (this is the IO that I have created which has only one Integration Component i.e. Service Request). You can also use the OOB available IO for this purpose, if fits into the requirement.

  • Send Email
    Business Service Name : Outbound Communications Manager
    Business Service Method Name : SendMessage
    Input arguments for this step are as follows :

    ==> MsgToList : "<_youremailaddress>"

    ==> CommProfile : "<_communicationprofilename>". if you want to know, how to setup a Communication Profile, please refer to :

    ==> MsgSubject : Export from Siebel

    ==> MsgBody : This is the test export from Siebel

    ==> AttachFileList : <_filename.xls>. (for eg: /temp/export.xls).

Workflow is ready, Publish and Activate it and simulate it on the Server to check if running fine.

RCR (Repeating Component Request) Creation :

Here below are the steps for creating the RCR job and let the Workflow run on the daily basis.

  • Navigate to "Administration-Management -> Jobs" view.
  • Click on "New" and select "Component/Job" = "Workflow Process Manager".
  • Under Repeating Info section, select the following :
  • Under Job Parameters applet, create a new select with the following info :
    Workflow Process Name : <_name>
  • Click on "Submit Job"

And you are done with the complete process. Siebel will automatically take the export and send you the file on the daily basis.

Enjoy !!!!


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  4. Great post, but how would you instruct the BS what you want to Export? What if the user is looking for a specific query?


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  7. Hi Gaurav,
    Can you please let us know is there any way to export the data to excel based on search criteria/SQL query and send same export via email to the user?

    1. This whole process works on an Integration Object. As far as you are able to create IO based on corresponding business component which is satisfying your search criteria or SQL, you are good to go and use this approach.


  8. Hi Gaurav,
    I have a similar requirement, but in my case the BC has already some search spec for different functionality and I can not change that. What other options I can try to extract data in excel based on some condition/search criteria?