Friday, April 24, 2009

How to setup a Communication Profile for sending email from Siebel ?

I was working on our Sandbox Env, that we have newly setup for some R&D purpose, and got the requirement to send an email from Siebel via F9 functionality. Since it is a new env, nothing has been setup on that from administration standpoint, so I need to start from the scratch to setup a communication profile. So let me tell you today what all you to do for this :

  1. Navigate to "Administration - Communications -> Communication Profiles & Drivers" view.
  2. Query for "Internet SMTP/POP3 Server" under Communications Drivers applet.
  3. Create a new Profile. Lets say "Test Email Profile".
  4. Under Profile Parameter Overrides applet, add the following parameters :
    ==> From Address : Any Email Address (Generally it should be Siebel Email box Id )
    ==> SMTP Server : Name of the SMTP Server which will send the email.
    ==> SMTP Server Port : 25
  5. Click on "Menu" button on "Profiles" applet and click on "Submit Profile Changes".
  6. Uptill this point you are ready to use this communication profile but before this need to check whether Server Component, responsible for executing the email request are running properly or not. So continue with the next step.
  7. Navigate to "Administration-Configuration -> Enterprises -> Component Groups" and query for "Communications Management" under component groups applet and then query for "Communications Outbound Manager" component under "Components" applet. This is the component which is responsible for sending outgoing emails from Siebel.
  8. Check if "Enabled on Server" flag is checked under "Component Group Assignments" applet. If not click on "Enable" button.
  9. Navigate to "Administration-Configuration -> Enterprises -> Component Definitions" and query for "Communications Outbound Manager".
  10. Set the following two parameters to "Test Email Profile" (Communication profile created in Step# 3)
    ==> Comm Profile Override
    ==> Communication Profile
  11. Click on "Synchronize" button.
  12. Now restart the Siebel server.
  13. Navigate to Tools -> User Preferences -> Outbound Communications view and select "Siebel Email Client" in Email Client. Click on Save.

And you are done with the profile creation and hopefully it should work fine. Lets test it out.

Navigate to Service Request Screen -> My Service Requests view, Click F9 and system will give you the Popup form to send an email. Put your email address in "To" section and fill in the subject and body as per your wish and send it.

Check your Inbox, you will see the email in few minutes. Also drilldown on SR# field and navigate to "Activities" view, you will an activity of type "Email - Outbound" and the contents of the email in Comments field. This is Siebel OOB functionality of creating activity under Service Request whenever you send an email from Service Request record.

Troubleshooting :

Let me tell you about the error which is most likely to occur while sending emails from Siebel once you have setup a new Communication Profile. What happens is you followed above steps and still not received any email. Go to "Administration-Management" Drilldown on Component "Communications Oubound Manager" and check the log. You may see the error : "Client does not have permission to submit mail to this server".
This error most likely occur when there exist a firewall between your Siebel server and SMTP server, so what happens is Siebel Server is not able to create any email request on the SMTP server. Just talk to your network administrator and get the name of SMTP server without any firewall. It will work.

Hope this helps !!!!!


  1. Hi.. I did the setup as mentioned above.. but now getting the email in my inbox.. I'm able to send email from my company email to the response group which I have setup.. but not able to send the email back from siebel to my inbox.. can you please help?

  2. I can send email from Siebel to my inbox. When I send from my inbox to Siebel response group, CommInboundRcvr records it processes the emial, but not route to agent.
    I set "LogDebug=TRUE" for email response, why no "POP3SMTP*.log" is created on Siebel server?


  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Once you set "LogDebug" = True under "Administration-Communications -> Communications Drivers and profiles -> Driver Parameters view" (make sure you have set the parameter for "Internet SMTP/POP3 Server" driver) POP3SMTP.log will get created in "/SiebSrvr/enterprises/<_enterprisename_>/<_siebelservername_>/log" directory


  4. Thanks Gaurav.

    I did set "LogDebug" = True for "Internet SMTP/POP3 Server" driver. but no POP3SMTP.log under "F:\sba80\siebsrvr\log" or c: drive.

    Another question: How to route email to a login agent? In CommInboundRcvr_x.log, I can see my email is processed in Invoked Method RunProcess on DriverTrackingId <01596DD344792E469DB9D079051D7AD1028ABAFC@> with event file F:\sba80\siebsrvr\bin\queued\POP3 Profile 1\CIR77_1_4C227C9E_136C3B. How can I find this email when I login in as Sibel Admin? Agent is usually associated with configuration, how to associate this agent to a response group?

  5. What is minmum configuration of Assignment Manager for routing email to an agent? I set "Employee Candidates" to a communication agent and set "Candiate Passing Score" to 0 in "eMail Response Agent Assignment". "Enable Assignment Manager" is set to true. But email doesn't route to this agent. I receive "Your email has been received. Your reference number is 1-4981077.", How can I track "1-4981077" in Siebel web interface (login Siebel Admin in IE)?


  6. In Administration - Server Configuration ->Component Groups, "Assignment Management" is enabled. But in Administration - Server Management ->Component Groups, it doesn't list there. even query name "Assignment Management", cannot find it.

    According to Doc ID 727864.1 on Oracle MetaLink3.
    Review your siebns.dat file and check the AsgnMgmt components are "Enabled" if "Online" you need to amed to "Enabled"
    For example the component section should look like this:
    [/enterprises/VFECRMPRD/servers/SIEBRPT01/component groups/AsgnMgmt/definition/enable state]

    In Siebel 8.0, I change "Value" from "disabled" to "enabled" under "f:\sba80\gtwysrvr\ADMIN\siebns.dat". But after I restart gateway and Siebel Server, "Value" changes back to "disabled". Any idea how to start "Assignment Management"?

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    1. Navigate to "Administration-Server Configuration -> Enterprise -> Component Groups" view.
    2. Query for Assignment Manager
    3. Select "Assignment Manager" in component applet.
    4. Click on "Assign" button in "Component Group Assignments" applet.
    5. Click on "Enable" button.
    6. Go to "Components Definitions" view.
    7. Click on Sychronize button.
    8. Restart the Gateway and Siebel Server.


  8. Thanks. It works.

    Another question: After ERMS receives email, if use third party to route that email's ActivityID to one agent, what "QueryBusComp", "QueryBusObj", and "QuerySpec" can load original email?

    Thanks again.

  9. Hi,
    I was trying to send an email through buisness scripting and i did,but all my email templates are in html format,but when i receive the email ,i get all html tags in it,and the reason behind it is the content type is set to text/plain,i want th content type to be set to text/html ,i know that i have to do it in the profile settings ,but how do i do it ,is something which i dont know,Can you hep me?

  10. Hi Santosh,

    Here below code might help you, check it out:

    var oApps = TheApplication();
    var bsOCMgr = oApps.GetService("Outbound Communications Manager");
    var psInp = oApps.NewPropertySet();
    var psOut = oApps.NewPropertySet();
    var boCommPackage = oApps.GetBusObject("Comm Package");
    var bcCommPackage = boCommPackage.GetBusComp("Comm Package");
    bcCommPackage.ActivateField("Subject Text");
    bcCommPackage.SetSearchSpec("Name","SiebelMantra Email Template");
    if (bcCommPackage.FirstRecord())
    psInp.SetProperty("MsgHTMLBody",bcCommPackage.GetFieldValue("Template Text"););
    psInp.SetProperty("MsgSubject", bcCommPackage.GetFieldValue("Subject Text"));
    bsOCMgr = null;
    bcCommPackage = null;
    boCommPackage = null;
    oApps = null;

    Note : Above code has used an email template named "SiebelMantra Email Template" which has been created under "Administration-Communications -> All Templates view" with Channel Type = Email and HTML Template flag = TRUE.

  11. Hi Gaurav,

    Nice artical from you.
    Infact I did the same thing what u have said in this post.

    I just wanted to ask you can you post the process of integration on client side with exchange server 2007, as I am not able to find out(support web processwith outlook 2007 as there are many functionalities chaged in 2007)
    so that it iwll be very helpful to me along with many other.

    can u please specify the difference between the above integration and the client side integration.


  12. Thank yuu for for valuble information. But I was BLE TO COMPLETE all the steps except the User profile creation. I restarted the server but still i could'nt enter the parameters.. can u pl help on this?

  13. Thank you very much for the info Gaurav Ji

  14. Hi Gaurav,

    Thanks for the valuable information,just wanted to ask whether we can add timestamp in the email i.e either in the template or in the body of the email.


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  16. It says unable to Create business service '' (sbl-dat-00227)

  17. Hi Gaurav, wit F9 function sending an email, after it is creating an activty, but not getting assigned to Comm req(which is clone of Service Req ).
    so, pleas help me that F9 email activity get assigned under Comm Req automatically,(how can we achieve this please help)

  18. Hi Monitor,

    You need to define the "System Activity Object" in Tools for make it work.


  19. Hi Gaurav,

    Can you please let me know if I can diable F9 functionality for some of the users? I need to have it accessible only for some of them. If I can make F9 applet read only that will also be fine. Please let me know if you know how to implement any of these options.


  20. Hi,

    I followed Your steps but I am not enable to send or receive any email and I cant Find these parameters.

    ==> Comm Profile Override
    ==> Communication Profile

    1. Not sure if you are looking for the right Server Component. These two parameters you should find under "Communications Outbound Manager" in Components Definition view.

  21. Thank you Gaurav! it really helps.
    But, maybe you have not mention some steps for detail, like in number 4, that not only we have to Create new "Profiles" but also edit the "Driver Parameters" too.