Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Invalid or Missing Encryption Key" error ??

This is the error you might see if you are working on Siebel 8.0 or higher and trying connecting to the Local Database via System DSN or DBISQLC.

After the launch of Siebel version 8.0 the local database is now encrypted, if you have not provided some specific parameters while Local Database Extract.

The point to be noted here you can successfully login into the Siebel Tools / Client using the same local database without any issues. But you cannot, if want to play with it via backend. Sounds strange but this is how it actually works.

The only solution that I found is to specify few extra parameters apart from what we generally specify during the Local Database Extract and after that it worked fine. So here is the complete list of Parameters that you can use while database extract to avoid this kind of error.

1. Navigate to "Administration-Server Management -> Jobs".
2. Create new record with "Component/Job" = "Database Extract".
3. Under Job Parameters, add the following :

a) Client Database encryption method = None
b) Client Name = "Your Login Name"
c) Database Init Method = Sql Anywhere
d) Database template file name = sse_utf8.dbf
e) Encrypt client Db password = False
f) Extract all Repository Tables = False

4. Click on Submit Job.
5. Once completed, rename the "sse_data.dbf" in "SiebelSrvr/Tools/Local" folder and connect to the Local database again to initialize the local database again.
6. Do a "Full-Get" to get all the necessary repository objects.
7. Try connecting to the Local Database via System DSN or DBISQLC, it should work fine. Make sure you use the Username and password in CAPS.

Hope it helps !!!!


  1. Nice post buddy !! it worked

  2. Nice Post GG,
    I too have faced the same issue on various occassion (After upgrading to 8.0). However, I was wondering if there is any other solution apart from re-extracting. Its only some encryption key missing and I am sure if we provide it in the 'System DSN' it would start working fine. However, the question arises - what would be the default encryption key? And can we really import that?
    DD (dheeraj.deolal@gmail.com)

    1. Hi DD,

      You run following SQL in server DB

      WHERE s1.PREF_CD ='RemLocSec:PlainKey' AND s1.NODE_ID = s2.ROW_ID AND s2.NAME=

      Please provide UserID as an input to above query and get the encryption key,
      Put the same encryption key in ODBC DSN and then do Test Connection.
      Hope it will allow to connect this time.


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