Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to Change the Oracle/Siebel Logo in Client application?

Whenever you do a fresh Siebel Implementation, your client (for whom you are developing the application) may ask to change the Siebel/Oracle Logo displayed on the upper right corner in the application. Well, everybody wants to flaunt the name :)

Alright then, lets see how we can do that.

1. Open the client cfg file to check which application you are using. You can find "ApplicationName" parameter under [Siebel] section. I am using "Siebel Financial Services".
2. Go to Siebel Tools -> Object Explorer -> Application, query for your application name.
3. Scroll to right side to the view and you will see Container Web Page. I can see the value : "FINS Container Page".
4. Copy the container web page name and query in Object Explorer->Web Page. Scroll to right to see the Web Template name it is using. I can see : "FINS Page Container"
5. Copy the web template name and query in Object Explorer->Web Template. Click on the plus (+) sign to open the "Web Template File" and check for the File Name. I can see : "FINSPageContainer.swt"
6. So, now you know the SWT file which is actually responsible for giving you a layout what you see when Siebel client opens.
7. Go to \Client\WebTempl folder and search for the SWT file and open it.
8. You will find various sections inside it and the same set of SWT files is getting repeated again and again. The SWT file responsible for rendering the Logo is banner swt which is "CCFrameBanner.swt".
9. Go to \Client\WebTempl folder and search for the CCFrameBanner.swt file and open it.
10. Search for "www", you may find "" OR "" depending upon which Siebel version you are using. This is the URL that get invoked once you click on Logo in the application. It has been changed to "" after Oracle bought Siebel.
11. You will see the Image Name = "POWERED_BY" and Category = "HTML Control Icons", this is actually the name of Bitmap and Bitmap Category respectively.
12. So, navigate to Object "Explorer->Bitmap Category" and query for "HTML Control Icons", expand the bitmap category to see Bitmaps and query for "POWERED_BY".
13. And finally you can see the file which is being displayed as the Logo. I can see the filename as "ebus.gif". So this is the file that I need to replace with the file which contains my logo.
14. You can find this file in "\Client\PUBLIC\enu\IMAGES". Just change the file name to something else to keep the backup and put your new file as "ebus.gif".

hhhhooooo.... finally you are done. Just refresh the screen or restart the session after deleting all cookies and you will see your desired logo on the UI.

ENjoyyyy !!!


  1. thanx alot, man what i like about your blog is that a guy could just come here and read anything, not only come and post a problem that he is facing. :)

  2. nice to hear some good words about my blog. Thankyou and keep commenting :)

  3. I guess this will just change the image and NOT the URL. Even if I change the image to SIEBELMANTRA as shown the URL it will invoke is "" therefore to invoke the URL as per image I further need to edit the CCFrameBanner.swt file. Correct me in case I am wrong

  4. Hi Anonymous, you are absolutely right. You also need to update the URL as per your requirement, as I have mentioned in Point#9, 10 above.

  5. Hi Gaurav Gupta,
    I Just interested with this post And i tried to implemented in the Callcenter App.The swt file is CCPageContainer.swt.But there i can't able to see "www" or imagename or Category .Am using Version 8.1 so please let me know is there any change in the new version or anything else i want to do

  6. Hi Sonu,

    Please search for "CCFrameBanner.swt" and do the necessary changes in it as I have suggested in the post.


  7. Hi Gaurav,

    Thanks for your blog. I read through your instructions and it worked for configuring the banner but now I need to change the image logo on the login screen and cannot find what the corresponding bitmap category is for the login page. I was able to find the related .swt file in C:\Siebel\8.1\Client_1\WEBTEMPL, (SWELogin.swt) but cannot make changes without knowing what bitmap category the logo on the login page is associated with. Please help!

  8. Hi Gaurav, I am tyring to configure Partner Manager/Portal and we want dynamic Logos, now i upload Logos on partner profiles but I am not getting how to use that. Please help

  9. Hi GG,
    How to edit background on the left of the logo?

  10. really appreciate the detailed steps. It has been a great help.

  11. is it possible to have different logos for different languages in siebel?

    if yes, can you explain how?

  12. Hi,
    i need to change my Application Name as visible in the Login Page for Siebel Sales Wireless.Can you please guide me through this, its urgent.
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Please tell me the size limitations of image file as logo

  14. I did same procedure. It is working. But i want to reset to original. I followed reverse procedure. But image not changing.
    hel me

    1. Try clearing the browser cache.