Monday, December 7, 2009

Error in Inbound Integration !!

Generally whenever you create a new Inbound Integration in Siebel, its a recommended practice that you get a new Database login created for it and that you can share with the other system for which you have created this inbound integration. I did the same thing, requested for a new DB login from our DBA and got it created. Before handing over to other party for use, I tried testing this newly created Inbound Integration via SOAPUI (the best ever client I came across for testing integrations). Imported the wsdl and when hit Go, I received the message saying :

The user-context could not be established. Something is wrong with the assigned primary position or login related repository objects. See additional error messages for more information.(SBL-DAT-00546)

and yes my reaction was "Oops, I forget to create a record for the DB user, that I am using for this Inbound Integration, in Administration - User screen". Okayy, let me do that. I created the record under "Employees" view, assigned the necessary position and responsibilities.

Now, lets try again invoking the inbound integation again from SOAPUI, again hit Go, this time I received the different one:

The user ID or password that you entered is incorrect. Please check the spelling
and try again.(SBL-UIF-00272)

hmmm....... I don't think, the username and password I used in the SOAP header is incorrect, so just to confirm it, I went to Oracle client and tried logging into the Siebel Database and I was able to login successfully, no issues. That means the problem is somewhere else.

The best part while working with Siebel is, as soon as you receive any error, just verify the respective logs and you will get the clue. So, the next step towards resolving this issue is just to check the EAI Object Manager log. I went to log folder and found there was an error message in it saying:

SBL-DAT-00587: An error occurred setting the default locale for the session.

This is something to be notice here that the Login credentials I am using is getting problem with creating a new session with Siebel. I think, I know the resolution for this but before actually use that lets double check it. I opened the Siebel thin-client URL and tried login into application instead and again I received the same error that Username/password is not correct. Also in Object Manager log, I found the instance of the same error which I found in EAI Object Manager log.

So, this only happens when SSE_ROLE has not been assigned to the designated user. For creating a session, every Siebel user should have this role assigned otherwise it won't be able to login even. To check which all roles/priviledges are assigned to the user, just login into the database with that user's login credentials and run the following query :

select * from user_role_privs
It will list all the roles for you and keep in mind that SSE_ROLE is required if you want to create a user session on Siebel Server either via Object Manager or EAI Object Manager.

So, I just asked my DBA to do the needful and now I think I am good, and yes I was able to invoke Inbound integration sucessfully. Now its the time when I can share these login credentials along with the WSDL to other party.


  1. hey GG,

    it's really nice post, thanks

  2. Great post!!!

    Consider a scenario wherein we have multiple logins created for Inbound Intergation.
    External Application consumes Siebel Web Service to upsert Accounts in Siebel. Moreover there is a runtime event created on the WriteRecord event of Account BC.
    The requirement is that the Runtime Event should not get triggered for one of the users. Need your inputs in achieving the solution for this requirement.


  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Let's assume you have two login created for Inbound Integration: Login1 and Login2. Login1 is allowed to call runtime event.

    Use the below "Conditional Expression" in your Runtime event (Administration-Runtime Events -> Events View):

    GetProfileAttr("Login Name") = "Login1"

    Hope this helps.