Friday, August 2, 2013

How to display Popup applet in Siebel - Possible ways!!

Siebel provides various different OOB ways to display a Popup applet, no matter if it a list applet or form applet. Here below is the list of all possible ways:

1.     ShowPopup

This is a straight forward OOB way to display a popup applet which is mostly used to display a popup when button is clicked.

a.      Create a button control on the UI with Method Invoked = ShowPopup.
b.      Create following Control User Properties:

<Applet Name>
Name of the popup applet
Base, Edit, Edit List
Popup Dimension
<Height> X <Width>
Eg: 300 X 300

2.     From Server Script using business service : “SLM Save List Service”, Method: LoadPopupApplet

This method can be used as per below example:

var oBSSLM = TheApplication().GetService("SLM Save List Service");
var psInp = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
var psOut = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
psInp.SetProperty("Applet Height", "400");
psInp.SetProperty("Applet Mode", "1");                           // 1 - List Applet, 2 - Form Applet
psInp.SetProperty("Applet Name", "<Applet Name>");
psInp.SetProperty("Applet Width", "800");
oBSSLM.InvokeMethod("LoadPopupApplet", psInp , psOut);

3.     From Browser Script

Here below is the sample code to display applet via browser script:

      function Applet_InvokeMethod (name, inputPropSet)
if(name == "ButtonClick")
                        inputPropSet.SetProperty("SWEMethod", "ShowPopup");
                        inputPropSet.SetProperty("SWETA", "<Applet Name>");
                        inputPropSet.SetProperty("SWEW", "300");
                        inputPropSet.SetProperty("SWEH", "100");
                        inputPropSet.SetProperty("SWESP", "true");
                        inputPropSet.SetProperty("SWEM", "<Mode>");  // Base, Edit, Edit List
                        this.InvokeMethod("ShowPopup", inputPropSet);

4.     From Command

This can be used if there is a need to display popup applet from toolbar button or some menu item:

<Any name you want to give to Command>
Method Argument
ShowMode=<Mode>, Applet = <Applet Name>
HTML Popup Dimension
200 X 200                  (Height X Width)


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  2. Hi Gaurav

    It is really talent Innovations in siebel


  3. Gaurav,
    I tried with server script and my popup applet kept spinning for hours... Tried browser script... but it does not triggered.. Well I don't want a button and I wrote something like..

    var iLeadStat = this.BusComp().GetFieldValue("Lead Status");
    if(iLeadStat == "Closed")
    //alert("Get the Lead Status")
    var psIn2 = theApplication().NewPropertySet();
    var psOut2 = theApplication().NewPropertySet();
    psIn2.SetProperty("SWEView","RAC My Store Lead Activity View") ;
    psIn2.SetProperty("SWEApplet","RAC All Lead List Applet") ;
    psIn2.SetProperty("SWETA","RAC Close Multiple Lead Popup Applet");
    psIn2.SetProperty("SWEM","Edit List");
    psOut2 = this.InvokeMethod("ShowPopup",psIn2);
    return ("CancelOperation");
    return ("ContinueOperation");

    While testing it says the showpopup can not be defined..
    Can we use this??

  4. Hi I used the the fourth method to display the pop up applet i.e by using command but i am getting error "Applet not found"

  5. Calling ShowPopup from script is NOT supported per a dozen articles on Oracle Support web. Use at your own risk.

  6. Hi, I am having this problem with Siebel on IE9. I am creating a new record (address) in a MVG applet the pop-up message when I missed a field is raised beetween the MVG Applet and the Siebel window. So the users cant see it so they report problems with the application. Do you know a way so I can "bring to front" this pop-up? Maybe with a browser script or something like that.