Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top 10 Out of the box features in Siebel !

It is a great feeling that one can have if he keep listening some good things from the users for which you are building the product/application. I have observed so many times the reaction of the users during the Siebel demo when they keep saying, "I just love this application :) ".

The best part is that Siebel has got so many OOB features in place which comes with the product bundle and user can just directly start using it without any customization which make the application more easy to use and provide value add from business process perspective.

Here below are top 10 OOB features most voted by our application users:

1. Placing columns in any list applet in any order as per your requirement.

2. Sorting feature on the list applet. Just one click and the data is sorted in ascending and another click for descending.

3. Siebel Landing Page. Users can select Siebel Landing Page and system will directly take the user to the view of his/her choice once logged into the application.

4. Changing Screen/Views tab order as per the need. On the fly user can go to User Preferences and set the order whatever they like.

5. Changing the timezone. This feature is Sales people's favourite. They keep travelling around the states/countries and depending upon the location, they can change the timezone and Siebel will automatically adjust the created date / last updated date of records automatically if want to do About Record.

6. Predefined queries. Managers just love this feature as it helps them to see the data that they want to see regularly. For Eg: Eastern zone manager want to see all opportunities where Region = Eastern and Amount > 10,000. And the best part is predefined query will be visible to you, if you are the owner (Private) or it is Public.

7. Export from List Applet. Again this feature is most likely used by managers as it solves half of the reporting requirements in the application. Query the data as per the need and take the CSV export to play around with it and help taking management decisions accordingly.

8. Drag and Drop attachments. Any call centre guy would love it, just take any file from your local machine and drag n drop the document on any attachment applet. It really saves times and if user want to see the attached file it automatically opens it on its native format.

9. Record Count. Users of the application generally don't have access to the database. Record count feature on any applet would help them finding the number of records they have queried upon.

10. Last but not the least, F9/Ctrl+F9 for sending email/fax. After just one button click, you can communicate with the customers from the application itself where system will automatically pick the contact email address and you use the predefined communication templates as the email body.

I have some more in the list but I think top 10 have been mentioned above. Let me know if you think of any other OOB features that Siebel provides and which you think really liked by your application users.

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