Friday, August 21, 2009

Automating Siebel SRF Full Compile process!!!

One of most boring and mechanical task for Siebel Administrators is to do a Full Compile of SRF from Siebel Tools connected to Server Siebel Repository and put it onto the Siebel Server whenever Development team ask to do so.

Here is atleast we can make a process in which Admin guy doesn't require to open Siebel Tools with Server database and do a Full Compile. This can be automated, just follow the below steps :

1. Copy paste the below lines of command into a text file and save it in .bat file lets say : FullCompile.bat

D:\Siebel\8.1\Tools_1\BIN\siebdev.exe /c D:\Siebel\8.1\Tools_1\bin\enu\siebel.cfg /d ServerDataSrc /u <_username> /p <_password> /bc "Siebel Repository" D:\Siebel\8.1\Client_1\OBJECTS\ENU\DailyFullCompileSRF.srf


2. You can change the location of Siebel Tools / Client directory in the above command, as per your requirement. Also the Username and Password.

3. Create a Windows Scheduled Task to run this .bat file on the daily basis. I have set the time for scheduled task as everyday 7AM morning, and I see the newly compiled SRF ready once I reach office :) . SRF name : DailyFullCompileSRF.srf.

I am not sure whether this works in Unix env via creating a cron job, if somebody has tried that please share your experience.



  1. If you get siebdev.exe running on Unix, it'll possibly work ;-)

    have fun


  2. hai iam visnu..
    hope you remember me ..
    the thing when ever we no need to activate those field which are exposed in the UI for the brouse Script but some times we need to call them .. So how we call ..without setting force active property and link specification and like this is any method is there please clear me
    and now

  3. how to call the table with siebel escript is anyway to call them we usually call anyway to call table.. tell me if possible..
    thank you gaurav..for helping us siebel developers

  4. we need information in product pricing and product configuration .. So many interviewers asking about this information... i hope you give simple journal or about this ..

  5. Hai thanks this is the very useful information and why ur not looking for comments ..even learners needs ur support..
    can you tell me we usually monitor the components whether online or not.. why they r goes for Offline.. tell me clearly...

  6. Hi Vishnu, sometimes your comments make me smile .....actually I got really busy in my project, didn't get the time to reply for your comments, anyways let me try to answer your questions one by one.

    1. Instead of making fields Force Active / Link Specification = True, I would rather suggest just expose the fields on the UI and in case you don't want to display them to users, just make Visible = False on the applet.

    2. I don't understand what do you mean by calling Tables? I would suggest you to please go thru the Siebel architecture completely where you will find that eScripting which is part of BO layer, can have access to Tables via Business Components only.

    3. Product Configuration and Pricing is a complete module in itself for which you have go to ProdAdm.pdf and get the hands on experience on it. Unless and untill you will try your own, theory won't help much. I know Order Management is in big demand in market these days, you can start with Product Configuration/Pricing first. Then go thru the bookshelf for Order management which briefly includes the cycle starting from Opportunity -> Opportunity Product -> Quote -> Quote Lines Items -> Order -> Order Items.

    4. Instead of regularly monitor these components, you can also create alerts which automatically sends an email to the distribution list once any component goes down. Also when Component goes offline, that means it was not able to process some task and errored out. In this case basically you need to check the logs and restart the Component/Server (in some cases).

    Hope this helps !!