Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is a CRM?

Everybody know its called Customer Relationship Management, very clear from its name itself that its a kind of Management System used by organizations to maintain relationship with the customers. If you try google for what is a CRM, you will get lot many definitions. I tried to find how to explain CRM in lay-man terms.

Every organisation has its own set of customers and today's world is more focused on "Customer Retention" due to current competitive market. Timely service to the customer keeps them happy and its more likely that happy customer never think of going to the different organization. CRM helps organization keeping data related to the customers in such a way that Sales Representative would timely know what kind of service is customer looking for at that point of time. Call-centers is a big industry today and all are running just to provide "Good Services" to the customers. Here is what CRM helps a Call-centre representative with the information what customer is looking for. If customer is being informed well before the scheduled service check-up of his car, he feel delighted that the vendor is keeping good care of services offered.

So, CRM is a set of Processes & Software that plays the main role between Organization & its customers to keep customers happy by providing correct information at the correct time.

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  1. very well defined in lay-man terms